All seminar are in MechE 108 at 1:00, unless otherwise noted

Lunch will be served at 12:45

Date Speaker Title


3:35 in 2-101NHH

John Rogers

Soft, Biocompatible OptoelectronicInterfaces to the Brain

9/13/2018 Ben Hayden Neural implementation of economic decisions

Becket Ebitz,

Michael Yoo

Student presentations
9/27/2018 Roy Sillitoe Genetic dissection of cerebellar pathophysiology
10/4/2018 Gillian Queisser Biochemical structure-function interplay at the intracellular and cellular level

Leila Ghanbari,


Student presentations
10/18/2018 Shella Keilholz  
10/25/2018 Prakash Kara Imaging the spatial precision of neural and vascular circuits in the brain

Alex Bratch,

Gerardo Rodriguez Orellana

Student Presentations
11/8/2018 Sarah Offutt  
11/15/2018 Cynthia Chestek  
11/22/2018 Thanksgiving  
11/29/2018 Noah Cowan Neuroscience in The Matrix: Closing the loop around the brain to understand how it controls the body
12/6/2018 Alik Widge